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How Should Anti-static Wood Plastic Floor Of Choose And Buy

You don’t know if you have noticed that when you’re cleaning at home, there is dust just after you mopped the floor for a while. On the one hand, it may affect the mood. I don’t know if you have this feeling. It’s just such a house with wood plastic floor. Good is good. After so many years, it is still as good as new, but it is more likely to get dust. There is no choice of anti-static floor, the wood is molded into a difficult to clean.

How should anti-static wood plastic floor of choose and buy? Anti-static floor general its color wood plastic mixing and matching in order to create a unique combination of design and color, pleasing. Thanks to the unique extrusion process, the creativity can truly uniform and consistent color. Year after year, it still looks like new. You don't have to take the time to do.

Compared with the traditional wood plastic floor, anti-static floor real wood plastic nature, green environmental protection, do not need to besmear to brush paint, also does not decay or by termites bite bite, installation is simple. Anti-static wood plastic floor and called the dissipation of electrostatic wood plastic floor, lower when it grounding or connection to any potential point, enables charge dissipation, with resistance in 5 of 10 square of 9 to 10 square between ohm.

Thing in common: wood plastic floor materials and ecological wood floor is wood powder and plastic composite of a new type of material, and the difference of natural wood, is a synthetic, have waterproof anti-corrosion effect, can according to need and may use your own design on the packaging, so in many cases they may refer to the same kind of product.

Wood plastic floor materials and ecology of wooden floor difference: we know wood plastic floor materials generally can be divided into PE and PVC wood plastic floor, wood plastic floor and ecological wooden floor preference refers to apply to indoor PVC wood plastic floor, PVC wood plastic floor general quality of a material is lighter, plastic components is high, because of its mechanical properties will be better than them, can make all kinds of surface effect, suitable for indoor decoration design, and even make the furniture products, and dedicated to the outdoor wood plastic floor, PE products are concentrated in a few outdoor garden seat basic pavilion and outdoor floor, etc.

Now everyone knows how should anti-static wood plastic floor of choose and buy. If you like it, hurry up and buy it.

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