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Aggrandizement Wood Decking Waxing Method And The Matters Needing Attention

To strengthen the wood decking waxing can increase the appearance, and cleaning and polishing, insect resistant, moisture-proof, anti cracking, prolong the service life of the decking, the decking maintenance is necessary, but to strengthen the decking waxing if improper methods, will produce white, circle marks, and discoloration and other phenomena, counterproductive, so we must pay attention to the following matters in the wood decking waxing.The following is the aggrandizement wood decking waxing method and the matters needing attention, please take a look.

To strengthen the wood decking waxing and grooves for water is completely dry before waxing. Depending on the season, the time required to change, but it takes about more than half a day. If not fully dry, strengthening the decking waxing will not affect the appearance closely attached on the surface of the decking, and produce whitening phenomenon.

Strengthen the container decking waxing, and fully mixing. The decking of the room overall before waxing, in the corner of the room is striking for a local trial, confirm without exception. In order to strengthen the decking waxing dye wall skirting board and furniture, to cover the area with tape. With a clean cloth full dip floor wax, not to drop into it. Not the floor wax directly to the decking, otherwise it will generate trace stains and ring marks. According to the grain decking carefully daub, do not drain coated or uneven thickness. Applying the volume is too small will cause uneven shades, with too much will lead to bad film. Keep strengthening the wood decking waxing waxing is the uniform thickness Key. No decking wax can be diluted. Waxing tool using a special waxing mop, simple operation, ideal effect.

The decking drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hours. If there is leakage of coating, coating. Such as the use of two times second times waxing, when applied, should be in the first completely dry. Every 6 months or so to play a decking wax, can keep a long time beautiful.


After understanding these aggrandizement wood decking waxing method and the matters needing attention, you can wax the wood decking by yourself.

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