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  • Composite Garden Edging
  • Composite Garden Edging
  • Composite Garden Edging
  • Composite Garden Edging

Composite Garden Edging

Perfectly line your landscape and garden beds with the Seven Trust premium composite edging. This edging flattens quicker than the average garden edging which makes it easier to install and create your own design.
The exclusive green-line depth indicator shows how deeply it should be set into the ground for maximum stability. A pointed edge makes installation simple and the flexible material will remain straight or conform to curves.
This edging creates a barrier that helps keep mulch and other landscape materials intact, while giving you flexibility to be creative with your design.

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Seven Trust range of landscape and garden edging provides the widest choice of lawn, landscape, path and border edging and paver restraints available. Our range of edging products provides solutions for almost any type of landscape edging application, both hard landscaping and soft landscaping. Seven Trust products are quick and simple to install, and thus reduce cost, and make ongoing landscape and lawn maintenance quicker and easier, – again saving you time and money. The comprehensive range consists of garden and landscape edging systems in recycled wood and high-density polyethylene plastic in various sizes and styles. Every product has to follow the Seven Trust ethos of being Simple, Smart and Effective.
Seven Trust WPCedge is a wood composite material made from wood and plastic. It is ideal for edging around curved beds and is designed to provide the appearance of wood. The advantage of WPCedge over traditional wooden edging is that it is low in maintenance and bends easier than wood garden edging. WPCedge features are: low maintenance, resist to root and degrade, termite resistant, mould and mildew resistant and weather resistant.

Recycled material that lasts for years.
Recommend weighing the ends down before use for easier installation and efficient flattening.
Invigorate your lawn or garden with a wide assortment of exclusive products.
Natural wood grain texture.
Before installation, place uncoiled edging in the sun to increase workability.
Ideal for elevated planting beds.
Easily installed for a professional grade look.

Step 1. Preparing Your Materials

Step 2. Dig Your Trench
Use a rope or garden hose to lay out a line where you plan to install the 100mm to 127mm. depending on the type of edging and desired appearance.

Step 3. Install Edging
Use included edge nail to secure edging on the inside of the landscape bed.

Step 4. Fill Bed
With edging secure, fill inside of landscape bed with rocks, mulch, or other decorative materials

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