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  • Wood Plastic Composite Pergola
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pergola
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pergola
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pergola

Wood Plastic Composite Pergola

Hollow profiles are the perfect material for pergolas, gazebos and elevation features. Our light weight sections replace heavy steel frames or wood which demand periodic maintenance and painting to avoid deterioration from exposure to weather or corrosion. With a wood appearance that requires little maintenance, Seven trust profiles retain natural wood aesthetics in terrace and garden pergolas, cantilever features, car parks, elevation features of buildings and other applications.
WPC Pergola products are made through a unique process that turns high‐quality reclaimed wood fibers and virgin plastic resins into strong, moisture resistant pergola products. WPC Pergola product is an environmentally friendly construction/landscape material manufactured with the latest technologies.

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Resistance to weather conditions
Our WPC pergola is resistant to all weather conditions, easily maintain its physical characteristics without problems in sudden temperature changes. Water proof and UV protection, all in one.

Environment facts
100% recyclable and manufactured with reclaimed wood fibers. Our WPC pergola production process is economical in both energy terms and water consumption, and does not produce secondary pollution. In a world where the environmental susceptibility is growing rapidly, wood composite looms large for outdoor landscaping applications as the optimum solution which companions with nature the best. Our WPC pergola is an absolute perfect wood composite product, which combines advanced, innovative production technology with efficiency, environmental compatibility, and high quality.

Material of WPC Pergola:
30% HDPE (Grade A recycled HDPE)

60% bamboo/wood fiber (professionally treated dry bamboo/wood fiber)

10% chemical additives (anti-UV agent, anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants, etc.)

How to install wood plastic composite outdoor Pergola ?
Installation materials: wood plastic materials (Post, beams, blades), steel Metal base, galvanized square tube, expansion bolts, screws, connectors, etc.

Before installation the WPC pergola, must be in accordance with the pre-design requirements and site construction conditions to draw drawings and do a good job of installation planning steps.

Before performing the installation steps, ensure that the concrete base is smooth and the thickness can meet the installation and construction requirements.

1: Fix WPC post base

Fix the post base to concrete with expansion screws,and insert
into the post skirt.

When make the steel post base, the thickness of the steel plate of the base shall be ≥5mm, and the welded galvanized steel tube wall shall be ≥1.5mm.

2: Fix the post on the metal base

When installing the wood plastic post, all the posts on the same straight line must meet the design span requirements.

3: Fix WPC Beam

Insert the 200 * 80mm or 180*80mm Crossbeam into the slotted post and adjust the length before and after.

A steel tube should be inserted into all the beams of the WPC Pergola. The diameter of the steel tube is slightly smaller 1-2mm than the empty size of the WPC beam.After fixing the WPC beam, connect the galvanized tube to the wpc beam with 2 stainless steel drill screw where the Place on the beam is not noticeable.

Use Φ10mm twist drill to make a pair of perforations,fix the post and Crossbeam with M10 * 220mm stainless steel screw.

4: Finished like this

5:Fix the top material with beam

The horizontal span of the pergola determines the length of the wpc blade Above the Pergola.

The length of the WPC blade should be 100-250mm longer than each end of the transverse span between Posts.When the blade span of WPC Pergola is ≤2 meters, the blade can be fixed directly on the beam of Pergola.

When the blade span of Pergola is >2 meters , galvanized tube shall be inserted inside the wpc blade to prevent the wpc blade from sagging and deformation;

6: L-shape clip to fix the top material with the beam

7: Finished like this

The installation of the WPC Pergola is relatively simple, because the wood plastic material has its own characteristics, so it does not need very complex installation and construction technology.However, the wrong installation and construction method will inevitably lead to the overall structure of the wpc pergola is unstable, and the appearance loses the aesthetic feeling.Therefore, in the wood plastic Pergola installation, to choose as far as possible have rich installation experience, more professional wood plastic material construction personnel to complete the installation.

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