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Custom Size

If our product model does not meet your needs, or if you want a brand new product model, we can customize molds for customers to meet their needs.

We have been engaged in design and production for nearly ten years, and many of our customers need to develop new molds to meet the needs of different projects. Therefore, for a long time, we have attached great importance to the mold development process and provided customers with customized mold solutions.

You can tell us the specific needs, product size and requirements, or you can directly provide us with mold development drawings, we can give you feedback soon. Of course, you need to understand the following things.

Questions to know for Custom Size

  • Questions to know 1

    Product Quantity

    Only if you purchase a certain number of our products, can you provide free mold customization services, otherwise you need to charge additional mold development fees.

  • Questions to know 2

    WPC Products

    We are a wood-plastics manufacturer and a design manufacturer. We only provide product-related mold development. Other mold development needs are not our products. You need to find a more professional company.

  • Questions to know 3

    Technology Patent

    Unless it is the mold drawing provided by you and has an agreement with us, the technical patents of the molds we develop belong to us, and we have the right to use the molds to produce products.

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