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How To Deal With Excess Wood Flooring Materials

If your home is decorating and laying wooden floors or want to remove the original second-hand floor, you should not rush to throw away these extra wood flooring materials. In fact, these materials can be used for the second time. Then let's take a look at how to deal with excess wood flooring materials.

1. Excess wooden floors can be spliced into shelves and flower stands

If the extra wood floor scraps or second-hand worn-out wood floors cannot be re-paved, they can also be slightly processed to make them more practical multi-layer racks or shelves. Splice several pieces of wooden floor scraps together with nails and put them on the bracket, which can be used to place flowers or indoor decorations. At the same time, because the surface is more beautiful, some laminate flooring or multi-layer solid wood flooring can also be spliced into decorations and placed in the home environment to add artistic flavor.

2. Wooden floor scraps can be used for paving again

The more high-end wooden floor assembly needs to be connected by a lock. If the front and rear interfaces are just sawn off when the floor is sawed, then the remaining middle part of the floor will be more troublesome when it is assembled again, and it needs to be on the ground dragon. Pave the base layer of blockboard to be reused. If the sawn floor has an interface, and the remaining size is more than 30 cm, because the width of the ground dragon is 30 cm, it can be easily reused.

3. Wooden floor scraps or second-hand waste wooden floors are used as backing boards to protect the floor and reuse

Excess wooden plank scraps or worn-out second-hand wooden floors can also be used as a plank to be placed under the water dispenser or on the floor of the storage room. Treat solid wood floor scraps or dilapidated second-hand floors into an area similar to the bottom of the water dispenser, so that you don't have to worry about the problem of boiling water directly falling on the wooden floor due to accidental pouring. Splicing the excess wooden floor scraps or worn-out second-hand wooden floors, put them on the floor of the storage room, put heavy objects in the storage room, and will not damage the lower wooden floor, thereby reducing wear.

How to deal with excess wood flooring materials?In fact, you can turn the seemingly unusable wooden floor into something applicable as long as you use your mind and hands a little. The above methods are relatively easy to operate, and they are more popular among people.

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