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6 Problems To Pay Attention To Wood Plastic Flooring

When buying and installing wood plastic flooring, there are many places to pay attention to. Next, the editor will analyze 6 problems to pay attention to wood plastic flooring.

Warning No.1: It is recommended to buy wood plastic floor decking with a normal price of more than 70 yuan per square metre: the cost of materials for wood plastic floor decking is increasing. Therefore, under normal operation, considering comprehensive product costs, operating expenses, installation services and accessories costs. It is suggested that consumers purchase wood and plastic floors at a normal price of more than 70 yuan per square meter.

Warning No.2: The quality of wood plastic floor decking and accessories is as important as the floor itself. Compared with the floor itself, accessories, such as skirting boards, buckles, floor mats, glue and so on, account for a small proportion with low price. Their functions are easy to be ignored. It is suggested that consumers should buy accessories that match the floor brand when choosing the floor products.

Warning No.3: The quality of the installation should not be ignored: the floor installation is a very professional job. The working staff must be trained specially. It is suggested that consumers choose the floor brand that can provide professional installation services. At the same time, they should pay attention to pre-sales and after-sales service, the warranty period of at least one year.

Warning No.4: We should correctly identify functional wood plastic floor decking: the characteristics of wood plastic floor decking is enriched by adding some other functions besides physical and mechanical properties.The businessmen should publicize the mechanism, safety, duration and design principles of the product. When purchasing such products, consumers should pay attention to the reliability of the technology and whether they got the approval from the relevant departments, and ask the for the original report of the authoritative department.

Warning No.5: Consumers should buy floor decking with a good reputation. Consumers should choose products with brands and reputation according to their own needs and economic ability, especially in recent years. It also depends on the qualification certification of enterprises. For example, whether ISO9001 certification is adopted in quality management and whether environmental protection is certified by ISO14001 or Chinese environmental labeling products.

Warning No.6: Consumers should be good at maintaining their own rights and interests:

1. A clear contract for selling and installing services with the operator. The contents should include the quality of the product, the terms of the installation and acceptance, the term of warranty and the warranty, etc.

2. Keep the records and problems involved with the manufacturers as complete as possible.

3. Ask for the warranty card, certificate, sales invoice.

4. When there is doubt about the products purchased, it can be tested and identified by the National Board of quality supervision and inspection.

5. Fake clues should be reported to the state administrative law enforcement departments.

You must remember the 6 problems to pay attention to wood plastic flooring.It can help you choose a good floor.

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