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Classification And Characteristics Of Feed Products During Extrusion Molding

Wood plastic products are divided into co-extruded materials and non-co-extruded materials. Now many people also like to use wood plastic co-extrusion materials. Today in this section, we will understand the classification and characteristics of feed products during extrusion molding.

Extrusion molding processing is classified according to the purpose of the product, and can be roughly divided into packaging, building materials, decoration, agriculture, medical, daily use, industrial matching, environmental protection, plastic reduction, recycling and so on. If classified by material, it can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting extruded products; classified by texture, hard extruded products, semi-rigid extruded products and soft extruded products; classified by extrusion process, there are single melt, Co-extrusion of different melts, hard and soft co-extrusion, multi-color co-extrusion, multi-layer co-extrusion, composite with non-plastic, coating extrusion, foaming extrusion, wire coating, modified blending, stretch extrusion , Heat shrinking extrusion, cross-linking extrusion, reinforced plastic extrusion products, etc.

In addition to the properties that plastics should have, the plastic products extruded by the plastic granulator also have the following characteristics:

1. Continuous production of extrusion molding. Since the production process is a continuous operation, products of any length can be manufactured according to the needs. Such as the production of pipes, plates, films, cables, monofilaments, profiled materials, etc.

2. It can meet the requirements of extrusion process conditions, especially in terms of product optimization design, which can not only meet the technical indicators of the product, but also meet the extrusion process conditions.

3. With functional characteristics. Take extruded film as an example. In some cases, a packaging film with oxygen barrier function is required, and in some cases, a packaging film with heat shrinkable function is required, and when used in agricultural greenhouses, a film with anti-dripping function is required.

4. It can achieve certain dimensions, thickness tolerance, fixed length and length, ellipticity and other accuracy.

5. The industrialization of extrusion molding has brought low prices to extruded plastic products and promoted the development of extrusion technology.

This is the analysis of the classification and characteristics of feed products during extrusion molding.Pay attention to the Seven Trust and take you to learn more about wood plastic.

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