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What is wood plastic composite

What is wood plastic composite

Wood plastic composite materials are made of low-plant biomass fibers such as sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husks, rice bran, peanut husks, cotton straws, etc., using polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of plastic filling and modification, and mixing must be certain the proportion of plastic base material is a kind of reversible recycling that is processed and formed by a special process. It covers a wide range, a variety of products, and a basic material with various shapes and structures. At present, there are different names for this, and it is also called plastic wood composite, environmentally friendly wood, technical wood, recycled wood, polymer wood, etc. It has all the characteristics of wood processing.

Wood plastic composite materials have five major characteristics:

  1. Recycling of materials: the biomass materials are basically waste utilization, with a wide range of sources and low value; the requirements for plastic components are not high, new, old or mixed materials can be used, which fully reflects the comprehensive utilization and effective use of resources .
  2. The product can be plasticized: wood plasticcomposite products are artificial overall synthetic products, and the product process and formula can be adjusted randomly according to the requirements of use, so as to produce materials with different properties and shapes, and the utilization rate of its profile is close to 100%.
  3. Use environmental protection: the woodplastic composite base material of wood plastic composite material and its commonly used additives are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and there will be no toxic and side effects during the production and processing, so it does not pose any danger to the human body and the environment register.
  4. Cost economy: Wood plasticcomposite products have realized the transfer of low-priced plant materials and high value-added products. Not only the maintenance cost is extremely low, but the product life is several times that of wood, which has obvious economic advantages in comprehensive comparison.
  5. Recycling: The scrap products and recycled waste products of wood plasticcomposite materials can be 100% recycled, and will not affect the performance of the product. It can realize the recycling mode of "reduction, regeneration, and resource utilization".
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