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Advantages of WPC

Advantages of WPC

The price of WPC is gold level. The price of WPC 5.5mm is basically the same as Vinyl’s 5.0mm lock and glue-free products, but it is higher than the magic buckle, and far higher than the wash glue and ordinary PVC floor (rubber type);

The installation cost of WPC is much lower than ordinary brushed PVC floor, lower than ordinary PVC lock floor, and the installation cost of glue-free PVC floor, magic buckle and washed glue PVC floor is not much different;

The waterproofness of WPC is quite good, and the waterproofness of the wood plastic composite layer is also very stable. On the contrary, the magic buckle, water-washed glue, and ordinary glue-brushed PVC floors are generally waterproof because they involve glue;

WPC is easy to install. Because WPC is an Angle-Tap installation method, it is relatively convenient and suitable for DIY;

WPC floor is definitely good in terms of silence and foot feel, especially WPC floor with cork or EVA pad;

WPC is also very good in terms of environmental protection, including formaldehyde emissions, heavy metals, especially the Reach test, all 144 items passed;

WPC has good sound absorption effect and good energy saving, which can make indoor energy saving up to 30% or more;

WPC is simple to install, convenient to construct, does not require complicated construction techniques, and saves installation time and costs.

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