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What Is The Difference Between Anti Corrosion Flooring And Wood Plastic Flooring

Because wood plastic flooring is usually used outdoors, it has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. But when it comes to anti-corrosion, many friends will involuntarily remember that there is another kind of floor with strong anti-corrosion ability, that is, anti corrosion wood floor. So, what is the difference between anti corrosion flooring and wood plastic flooring?

According to Shanghai Seven Trust’s feeling ,Compare the amount of composite wood floor with preservative treated timber floor ,That is just the opposite. Popularity of wood floors is increasing, Utilzation rate is higher and higher .Lot of people clarify that they would like to use wood plastic composite decking for their projects . Or just like the word WPC ,the amount corresponds to the original use of wood preservative floor by a little squeeze.

Anticorrosive wood flooring and wood plastic flooring have wood characters,what is the difference between anti corrosion flooring and wood plastic flooring?

1. WPC installation loss of less than preservative treated timber, Under the same conditions of the construction area or volume, less wood than wood preservative loss, Because the WPC material can be done according to the real size specification ,the length ,the width ,and thickness , But presvering timber can not be changed. Normally the length is 2m,3m,4m.

2. The surface of the wood plastic floor is finished by a special machine. No need painting ,but all those steps will be need for presvering timber.

3. The wood plastic floor was no need maintenance ,this is very good. It was depended on the WPC performance itself.because wood plastic floor itself was one kind of material and even if they are different ,but as per this point , the preserving timber cannot reached.

In the long view, the maintenance cost of wood preservative wood products far end on.

4. In the same wood construction conditions, less is more. Outdoor floor coverings in general, the choice of wood under the circumstances, it takes about 45MM wood thickness. The wood, the material need only 25MM thickness, the strength of more than 45MM preservative treated timber. In other words, is the use of one cubic meter of wood if it is, then the wood will need only about 0.5 cubic meters.

5. Plastic wood floors are divided into solid and hollow, but no matter whether the floor is hollow or not, the performance will not be affected. The anticorrosive wood floor cannot be hollow.

6. Wood plastic floor is a new profile, many hollow specifications. Saving a lot of material. We all know that aluminum windows and doors so quickly to popularize, is because it is hollow profiles, if it is solid, so the price is incredibly high. WPC hollow portion of savings, although not as high as aluminum, but also more objective. We all know that hollow not only can reduce weight, increase strength. Hollow wood can be done, but can not be a wood preservative.

7. Wood plastic floor composite green energy saving concept. Demolition wood can be recycled continue recycling, reduce resource consumption, meet the low carbon economy. The preservative treated timber consume a lot of high quality timber.

8. In general, high quality wood flooring products, its service life much longer than the life of preservative-treated timber. Generally up to several times the ordinary wood. Overseas data show said wood can even using a 20 - 40 years.

9. The wood flooring can not make their own structural support must be firmly bonded to the ground or steel supports. The relatively thick preservative treated timber can do to support yourself.

The above is the difference between wood plastic flooring and anticorrosive wood flooring. Friends who do not know whether to choose wood plastic flooring or anticorrosive wood flooring can learn about it.

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