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Plastic wood composite sun visors and thermal insulation exterior walls are used in modern buildings

Plastic wood composite sun visors and thermal insulation exterior walls are used in modern buildings

Modern buildings are an important part of energy consumption and also the main content of building usage costs. At present, the energy consumption of buildings around the world is getting higher and higher, and the contradiction between energy and economic and social development has become increasingly prominent. Most of the newly built residential buildings are still high-energy residential buildings. In the current situation of increasingly tight energy, building energy conservation has become a real problem with high social concern and imperative. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the application of new energy-saving technologies. Among them, building thermal insulation is one of the important energy-saving measures. The focus of building energy-saving technology.

In recent years, with the application of plastic wood composite materials, it has been widely used in building sun-shading materials to replace wood. The characteristics of sun visors and thermal insulation exterior wall panels are that they can effectively remove the shortcomings of pure natural wood, and are waterproof, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, no cracking, fast installation, reasonable structure, high strength, sound insulation, heat preservation, and flame retardant properties good; environmental protection, moisture-proof, anti-moth and no deformation.

The plastic wood composite sunshade series are used in building shutters, sun-shading windows, air conditioner covers, heat-insulating exterior walls, etc., which can effectively reduce direct sunlight. When applied to building exterior walls, it can achieve beautiful and energy-saving effects, and reduce overheating and glare through low thermal conductivity , to achieve indoor thermal comfort, visual comfort and isolation from the environment. According to the requirements of different environments, the shading system is designed to limit the influence of straight radiation, scattered radiation and reflected radiation from environmental surfaces on indoor temperature and light, so as to realize the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

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