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Indoor and outdoor decoration applications of plastic wood composite materials

Indoor and outdoor decoration applications of plastic wood composite materials

In recent years, plastic wood composite materials have been used in various fields. It is a new environmentally friendly material that replaces wood. It is purely environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and protects the global environment. With people’s emphasis on health, plastic wood composite materials have gained popularity in the field of architectural decoration. The use of biomass materials and polymer materials to polymerize improves the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, which is recyclable, degradable and recyclable. There is no pollution from production to use, and it is called a true environmental protection material in the whole process. Plastic wood composite materials have become the new favorite in architectural decoration.

Wall decoration
Plastic wood composite interior wall panels and exterior wall panels are among the series of products developed earliest, with the most varieties and the most widely used series. Generally suitable for building exterior walls, building doors, outdoor landscapes, company image walls, TV background walls, living room and bedroom walls, bathroom and bathroom walls, etc. There are many places available, and it is impossible comparative advantage to use in a water environment.

Plastic wood composite ceiling
Plastic wood composite ceiling is a series of products developed according to market needs. The supporting equipment is relatively complete. It uses traditional aluminum alloy, plastic steel ceiling installation methods and the same general keel. Generally, workers who know how to install traditional ceilings can install plastic wood composite ceilings. Wood can be nailed, sawn and planed, so it is easier to process and shape than aluminum alloy or plastic steel ceilings. Generally used in home ceilings, stores, restaurants, leisure clubs, large public places, etc. It can create a three-dimensional curved surface shape that expresses personality, which is especially suitable for spaces and special places that need to pursue personality, art, and modeling characteristics.

Plastic wood composite floor
Plastic wood composite flooring is the main product series in the future. Although the competition in the flooring industry is extremely fierce, plastic wood composite flooring still holds a place in the market by virtue of its unique advantages. It not only maintains the texture of the wooden floor and the gentle effect on contact, but also provides excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, and anti-termite performance with little deformation and warping. The plastic wood composite floor has an excellent effect in outdoor use, and can be used in toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas and other places.

The existing production processes of wood plastic composite products mainly include three types: extrusion molding, hot press molding and injection molding. Extrusion molding is currently a relatively fast-developing production process. Its characteristics are short processing cycle, high production efficiency and simple molding process. However, the extrusion process also has problems such as high cost, low product density and low hardness. The feature of hot pressing is that plates of any size can be obtained, and the produced plates have dense texture and high surface plastic content. Injection molding is one of the relatively late processing methods. It is still in its infancy, but it is developing rapidly. It is characterized by a large degree of freedom in product design, which is suitable for the production of products with complex shapes, and the quality of injection-molded wood plastic composite products is higher than the products produced by the other two processes. With the improvement of processing technology and the innovation of surface treatment technology, the application of plastic wood composite materials in the field of architectural decoration will be promising.

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