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PVC Decking Boards

PVC is one of the newer composite decking materials being used by manufacturers today. It's an interesting option for homeowners that don’t like the maintenance of wooden decks and are not quite sold on composite lumber.
Comparing traditional wood decking with PVC planks is like comparing apples and oranges. With that in mind, we're going to pit composite deck boards against PVC as these two styles are the most closely associated with one another.
PVC decking is made completely from synthetic materials. PVC consists of polyvinyl chloride, a type of vinyl typically used for outdoor siding and fencing.

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With PVC decking, you’ll often find that companies put their planks into collections just like you find with hardwood and other flooring products. While not always the case, it's not uncommon to find boards grouped into series named after cities or seasons. Regardless of the color, pay attention to the grain pattern and how much it repeats from board-to-board.

You won't have any issues finding a color that you like with PVC decking, although the overall selection isn't quite as vast as composite decking. Considering you can't stain or change the color of PVC decking choosing the right shade the first time around is critical. You'll also find more color variegation with high-end lines if you want a more realistic look.

Discover high-performance, low-maintenance decking that suits a busy lifestyle. Made from durable PVC, Seven Trust is a great choice if you’re looking for something lightweight with excellent slip resistance. Seven Trust deck boards are wood free, eliminating the potential for mold growth and making them ideal for docks and other waterside applications.

Lightweight, easy-to-handle boards.
Resists moisture, dents and flames.
Offers exceptional slip resistance when dry or wet.

Installation Instructions Of PVC Decking

1.PVC wood plastic products can be used new material, also can be made of old material (while PE is too high in cost with new material, the product has no way to enter the market), the modification is also easier, the quantity of the supplementary quantity depends on the quantity of production.

2.PVC can be made into low foamed wood plastic products, which is lower in cost. It is considered suitable for the use of coextrusion (double extrusion or steel plastic extrusion), and the strength and wood texture are good.

3.PVC can be re-processed, diversified surface decoration or paint covering UV paint, the product looks good and color fastness is good.

4.The waterproof and corrosion resistance of PVC wood plastic products is also excellent.

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