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Seven Trust is one of the leading PVC fence manufacturers. Seven Trust pvc products are consistently rated at the top for their quality and performance.

All PVC fence manufacturers are not the same. Seven Trust brand of premium pvc fence offers performance features that far surpass competitive products.

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PVC Fence is Durable
PVC fencing is the future in more ways than one. More and more people are choosing to use vinyl PVC fences for their property because they stand the test of time. All sorts of things wear down wood fencing. Both rain and sunshine have a negative effect on traditional wooden fencing. You can treat for those things, but even then, there’s no guarantee your wood fence will be protected. PVC fencing takes care of that.

PVC fencing is not only as stylish and beautiful as wooden fencing, but it is also as durable as fencing comes. It does not get sun damage, and rain rolls right off of it. On top of that, it’s incredibly impact resistant. Upon impact, say from a kid’s bike tire, our PVC fencing will gently flex and then regain its shape. Flexibility is key to strength in any engineering design. Wood or chain link may start out with that same flexibility, but after rot or rust sets in from time out in the elements, those materials become much frailer. PVC fences do not break down in that way.

PVC Fences Add Style
There are lots of reasons for adding a PVC fence to your property. You may be trying to add value to your home, or keep your family and pets safe, but what about the way it looks? Rarely do people walk past a chain link fence and admire its beauty. Wooden fences are only as aesthetically pleasing as their weakest plank, so as time goes on they can actually detract from your home’s beauty.

PVC fencing can be styled in any of the ways wooden fences, and they maintain their beauty for their lifetime. If you want a classic American look for your front yard, our PVC white picket fence is perfect for you. You can also build higher fences with solid bases and decorative work at the top. Whatever look you’re going for, PVC fencing makes a statement.

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