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The rise of PVC plastic wood composite integrated wall panels

The rise of PVC plastic wood composite integrated wall panels

In recent years, the price of decoration materials has risen, labor costs have continued to rise, decoration pollution has become increasingly serious, and the wall decoration field has a trend of reduction and decline. However, due to the rise of plastic wood composite wall panels, the wall decoration industry has emerged.
In traditional wall decoration, different decorative surface layers have different operation procedures, such as leveling, scraping putty, applying latex paint, wallpapering, etc. Many procedures not only high material costs, but also high labor and time costs. With the improvement of people's requirements for living quality and the promotion of environmental protection concepts, plastic wood composite wall panels have received many people's attention.

"PVC integrated wallboard" is a new type of decorative material that integrates environmental protection, heat insulation, moisture resistance, heat preservation, fire protection, sound insulation, fashion and other elements. The material is light and easy to install. It can solve the problems of mildew on the wall at the seaside, and it is difficult to wash the wall when it is dirty. At the same time, it can meet the fire protection requirements of engineering buildings. The PVC integrated quick-installation wallboard production line is mainly composed of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine, and a receiving frame. The production line adopts intelligent control, high degree of automation, stable equipment, simple operation and high production efficiency. By changing the molds of different specifications, we can produce plastic wood composite decorative wall panels of various specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

"PVC integrated wallboard" is made of bamboo and wood fiber as the base material and resin material as the surface technology. It is a material widely used in homes, engineering and other wall decorations. The color is comparable to traditional wallpaper, and it also has a protective wall. The advantages of board, as a new type of wall decoration material that replaces wall paint and wallpaper. PVC plastic wood composite quick-installed wallboard production line, PVC integrated wallboard production line products are non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light weight, gorgeous, colorful, pure, and have bending resistance, aging resistance, stretching, compression , high tear strength performance.

PVC plastic wood composite quick-installed wallboard production line, PVC integrated wallboard production line concentrates the advantages of wood and plastic, not only has the appearance of natural wood, but also overcomes the shortcomings of natural wood, with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, insect-proof and dimensional stability It has the characteristics of high, non-cracking, and higher hardness than pure plastic. It has wood-like workability and can be cut, painted, bonded, and fixed with nails or bolts. Relying on the dual advantages of cost and performance, plastic wood composite materials continue to expand their application areas and increasingly replace other traditional materials.

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