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Wood Plastic Fire Rating

Wood plastic products are a new type of composite material in recent years. Because of their outstanding advantages and beautiful appearance, they have been welcomed by many people when they first appeared in the market. In recent years, people have recognized the harmfulness of pollution. Which kind of product you choose pays more attention to its environmental protection, and wood plastic products have this characteristic, so they are vigorously promoted in the market.

Wood plastic products are widely used in home improvement and tooling, many engineering chambers have a question: What is the wood plastic fire rating, the following seven real wood plastic fire protection level for the wood to explain to you.

To know the fire wood fire rating, we first say that commonly used building materials which fire rating.

Why the seven real wood plastic products can reach B1 level?

We start with wood materials to explore the wood plastic products from wood flour, pvc, calcium powder, toner, stabilizer, foam and other components through the thermoplastic extrusion production, and the main component of wood-wood Powder, and wood flour is a flammable material, so even if the product by adding a large number of stabilizers and other non-flammable materials, wood plastic combustion level can only reach B1 level. And some bad wood plastic manufacturers cut corners, or even no strict quality testing standards, can not achieve B1 level.

Seven Trust wood plastic from 2008 onwards, the rapid development of the global establishment of a wide range of agents, there are many large projects to find our cooperation, value is the company's products of good quality, high wood plastic fire rating, good after-sales service, and the price Suitable, cost-effective. Buy wood plastic products, seven real wood plastic is your preferred brand.

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