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Features Of Ecological Wood Sound-absorbing Board Products

Ecological wood is a revolutionary new type of environmentally friendly material. It is the most mature product of wood substitution technology in the world. It does not require any surface treatment and is made by polymerizing a small amount of polymer materials and a large amount of wood powder through patented technology. Through the recycling of wood, the comprehensive utilization rate of wood is greatly improved, and there is no pollution in the production process, and the problem of recycling of waste resources in the plastics and wood industries is also solved.

Color: common sub pomelo color, black walnut, red sandalwood, rosewood color, golden tan color, cedar color, Wujin wood color, gray metal.

Features of ecological wood sound-absorbing board products:

1.Functionality: anti-moth, anti-corrosion, acid-resistant, flame-retardant, and fire-proof.

2.Waterproof: moisture-proof, non-absorbent, resistant to water immersion, no mildew; washable, and the surface pattern does not decolorize.

3.Stability: ±% of the base material does not change shape at 40°C, which overcomes the defects such as easy shrinkage, deformation and cracking of general wood profiles.

4.Practicability: It has all the installation performance of solid wood; it can be nailed, planed, sawed, painted (optional), can be drilled, and can be carved.

5.Economical: Easy to install, eliminating the need for a large amount of planing, grinding and other processes for general wood. The corners can be recycled and remanufactured, which can save more than 30% of the processing cost.

6.Environmentally friendly: Avoid decoration pollution problems such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc., and guide the new trend of environmentally friendly decoration.

How to use ecological wood sound-absorbing board products:

1.Installation and use are basically the same as solid wood.

2.The nail hole repair method is the same as that of solid wood. After repairing, you do not need to sand, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

3.Can choose to paint or paint-free. When you need to paint, please use environmentally friendly paint that is suitable for PVC performance.

4.Do not sand the surface.

5.You can choose to directly use glue to fix it.

Installation method of ecological wood sound-absorbing board:

1.Fasten the special keel to the light steel keel or the wall.

2.The wooden sound-absorbing panels are connected by yin and yang sockets.

3.The special metal insert connects the wooden sound-absorbing board with the special keel.

4.According to the above method, install the wooden sound-absorbing panels in sequence.

Curved surface special installation:

1.According to the design arc size, use Daxing board or other wood board to make the curved structure installation surface.

2.Check the size of the curved wooden structure installation surface to ensure that it meets the design requirements and the curved surface is flat.

3.Apply milky white glue on the installation surface of the arc-shaped wooden structure and the back of the "arc-shaped wooden sound-absorbing board", paste it in position, and then use the steam nail to align the surface of the sound-absorbing board with the grooved position for fastening, the nail distance does not exceed 15 cm.

4.The installation of the arc-shaped wooden sound-absorbing board does not use the plug keel to ensure the smooth and smooth curvature of the installation surface.

There are still many features of ecological wood sound-absorbing board products. Do you still know the other features of ecological wood sound-absorbing products?

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