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The Role Of Skirting Boards

The skirting board, also known as the kick board or the footing line, is an important structural node at the intersection of the floor and the wall. Today we will discuss the role of skirting boards together.

The role of skirting boards

First of all, skirting boards are used for decorative purposes. Skirting boards are available in a variety of styles, colours, and materials on the market. They can completely blend with the existing flooring or you can play around and create an exciting contrast with them. Skirting boards, despite a detail, can contribute to the interior of every room. You can find a lot of skirting boards with mouldings and other intricate decorative details that give them a very attractive appearance.

In addition, the skirting board is used to cover the expansion gap left between the floor and the wall along the entire periphery of the room during the floor installation process. The expansion gap is very important because it provides extra space for the floor to expand under the influence of moisture without being damaged or cracked. However, the expansion gap does not look very attractive, making the floor look unfinished. The skirting board is used to cover it and ensure the overall appearance.

Secondly, skirting boards are used for protecting the wall. They protect the walls from accidental knocks, most commonly caused by furniture pieces and dragging or pushing them across the room, from soiling and wear and tear, from scratches and scuffs usually caused by mops and hoovers, and all other sorts of imperfections and issues that can affect the structure of the wall and affect its appearance.

Finally, skirting boards are used not only in combination for wood floors and for covering the expansion gap between the floorboards and the walls. Since skirting boards are used also for other types of floors that do not require an expansion gap, they are also a very clever and creative way to cover an uneven and rugged floor or wall edges.

So that’s it for the role of skirting boards. If you are interested, please find out.

Skirting boards and wood plastic floors in new buildings

You can definitely enjoy more flexibility when installing wood plastic flooring in new buildings. In this case, you are free to choose and install your own skirting board, enjoy the precise design you want and achieve the precise appearance you want. After installing the wood plastic floor, you can choose the exact style of skirting board to ensure the finished appearance. Once again, don't forget the importance of expanding the gap.

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