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  • Wood Plastic Composite Pavilion
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pavilion
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pavilion
  • Wood Plastic Composite Pavilion

Wood Plastic Composite Pavilion

WPC Pavilion Used for such as boardwalks , docks,parks,swimming pool and gardens.
The material of the decking and others: 55% bamboo powder, 35% HDPE, 10% additive.
WPC Pavilion is a landscape in park, villa community,etc,Chic wooden pavilions not only increase beauty,but also give people a better sense of natural and healthy life,But as an outdoor pavilion, year-round.

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WPC Pavilion is made of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments?It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.
At present, the pavilion made by WPC occupies a relatively large market position in China.This is due to the human body and wood plastic materials are relatively close.But in foreign countries, the common material is solid wood material or other materials, so there is a huge potential.

Lasting structure with no worry about rust or termites.
Splinter-free if composite wood decking is used.
Enhances the beauty of the garden, patio or roof garden, especially if a green wall is used.
Provides shade.
Provides a structure for creeping garden plants.
Infinite designs.
Minimal maintenance required.

WPC Pavilion Advantages:
1.Recyclable, environmentally friendly:
WPC Pavilion made of 100% recycle material.

2.Water-proof, termite-resistant:
Wpc Pavilion can stand up to wind, rain and sun. Installation and operation is easy. It is widely used in places near water and moist environment: outdoor decking, bypath, pavilion, platform, wall decoration.

3.High Cost Performance:
The primary input of WPC Pavilion is a little higher than common lumber, but because of less maintenance, anti-moth and long life time, it is a highly cost performance product.

4.Easy to intall, minimal maintenance required:
WPC Pavilion Could be cut,drilled or nailed.Adjustable specification and shape,very flexible.

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