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Techniques For Dealing With Cracks In Wood Plastic Floors

The cracking of wood plastic floor affects the appearance of the ground, but many people do not know how to deal with the cracks of wood plastic floor. Here are some techniques for dealing with cracks in wood plastic floors. You can refer to these methods to deal with the cracks of your own wood plastic floors.

Causes of cracks in wood plastic flooring

If it is just extruded, it may be caused by squeezing too fast. If it is cracked after one year of use, it is likely to be a problem with the quality of the wood plastic. No additives are added, and this is from the surface of the wood plastic profile.

Techniques for dealing with cracks in wood plastic floors

1. After the wood plastic floor is completed, before the water analysis appears, prevent strong wind and sun exposure;

2. The wood plastic should be maintained in time after completion to prevent water evaporation and drying on the surface of cement imitation wood;

3. Before applying cement wood plastic mortar, you should water it first.

4. Secondary surface wiping can also effectively reduce surface shrinkage cracks.

5. Avoid construction in high temperature climate. In high temperature weather, the hydration speed of cement accelerates, and the internal heat of hydration is not easy to spread in time, causing temperature cracks. At the same time, due to the accelerated evaporation of water, the cement and wood plastic mortar shrinks rapidly, which is prone to shrinkage cracks.

The number of cracks in the wood plastic floor is mostly quite small, because the quality of the wood plastic floor itself is very good, as long as it is maintained in the later period, there will be no cracks.

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