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PVC Frequent Problems And Solutions For Wood Plastic Wall Panels

PVC wood plastic wallboard is a kind of PVC product that has emerged rapidly in recent years. The product has quickly won the favor of customers due to its environmental protection, beautiful appearance, moisture-proof, and convenient installation. In the process of pvc wallboard extrusion, the common abnormal conditions mainly include: wallboard is not straight, wallboard is uneven, the surface is not smooth, the density is large, the wave pattern, the toughness is not good, etc. What should we do when we encounter these problems Solve it?

Wall panels are not straight

First of all, check whether the setting mold and the die are aligned. Generally, the wall panel is bent upwards because the setting die is not aligned with the die, and the position is high; while the wall panel is bent downward because the setting die appears. Low status.

When the shaping die and the die have been aligned, check whether the water cooling tank, traction and saw table are aligned with the shaping model.

After these reasons have been eliminated, there may be two other reasons for the inconsistency:

PVC wood plastic wallboard products are not cooled enough, and the temperature after the water cooling tank is still relatively high, and it will be distorted under external force. The specific adjustment method is to increase the cooling water volume of the shaping mold and the water cooling tank or think Ways to reduce the cooling water temperature, if it fails, it will directly reduce the production speed;

The discharge speeds on both sides are inconsistent, the adjustment method: adjust the temperature on both sides of the mold to the same and observe for half an hour, if there is no change, see which side the discharge speed is slow, increase the temperature of which side by a few degrees, or which side Lower the temperature on either side by a few degrees as soon as the material is discharged.

Partially uneven PVC wallboard

Generally, the local unevenness of the wall panel mainly occurs in the vacuum setting section of the setting mold. If the vacuum is not enough, or the cooling water for the shaping mold is not enough, the adjustment method is to increase the amount of cooling water in this part, and increase the vacuum through water sealing to speed up the cooling rate of the wallboard products. If the local water is not even when the water is boiled to the maximum, remove the shaping mold to clean the vacuum path.

The overall surface of the wall panel is not smooth

The reason is that the overall temperature of the mold is too high or the vacuum pump of the main extruder is not working properly. Adjustment method: reduce the temperature of the mold by a few degrees or clean the vacuum pump of the extruder.

Wall panel cracked reinforcement

See if there is damage to the wall panels and water ingress. Or the content of lubricant in the formula is too high, especially the amount of external lubrication is too high. Or a relatively inferior stabilizer is used, the amount of internal and external lubrication is too much, and the stabilizing component is too small.

The density is too large and the foaming is not good

First of all, look at whether the lubrication is balanced. If the lubrication is too much, the strength of the melt will decrease, the cells will increase, and the density will increase. Again, you can appropriately reduce the amount of foaming agent or increase the amount of regulator to see if it is effective, and adjust according to the feedback.

Surface wave pattern

The main reason is the uneven discharge. The reasons for the uneven discharge are: excessive plasticization and the melt is too soft; the material flow is uneven; the traction and extrusion are not matched; the melt strength is too strong and rebounds.

We can solve this from the following aspects:

1. Process:

Reduce the production speed, such as screw speed, feeding speed, etc., and appropriately increase the traction speed; sometimes the wave pattern is lost during production.

Lower the extrusion temperature, especially the temperature of the third and fourth zone plasticizing section. Many companies that produce wall panels now use small pipe materials, plastic steel materials or foamed sheets for production. These materials are secondary processing materials and plasticize extremely fast. Appropriate reduction of plasticization has certain benefits for production and product stability.

2. Equipment:

Increase the gap of the screw, appropriately reduce the shear, and slow down the plasticization;

Clean the die head and polish, especially the two ends of the die, so that the molten material flows smoothly.

Check if there is a problem with the mold, such as forgetting to install the positioning pin, or whether there is a problem with the screw, such as misalignment, etc. This will cause the material flow to be biased. Generally, the wave pattern only appears on the side with more material, and it is difficult to eliminate it by adjusting the formula.

3. Formula:

Appropriately increase the amount of external lubrication and reduce the amount of internal lubrication, but not too much adjustment.

Under the premise of not affecting the foaming, the foaming regulator can be appropriately reduced or a foaming regulator with a lower melt strength can be selected. This situation is limited to the case where the melt strength is too large to prevent the material at the exit from being melted. If the body is too strong, it rebounds and forms a wave pattern.

Bad toughness

The first is to use too much secondary materials such as plastic steel materials and small pipe materials. Secondly, consider whether the amount of external lubrication is too large, especially if cheap stabilizers are used. In order to avoid paste, the amount will be increased, which will result in the overall formulation of the external lubrication. Consider again whether the plasticization of the PVC material is in place. Poor or over-plasticization will make the product brittle. Finally, if these problems are eliminated or the toughness is not enough, the toughening modifier CPE-135A can be added appropriately.

Manufacturers can pay attention to the PVC frequent problems and solutions for wood plastic wall panels,can effectively help you solve the problem of wood plastic wallboard.

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