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Application of wood plastic composite materials in daily life

Application of wood plastic composite materials in daily life

  1. Outdoor facilities

In urban construction and environmental planning, wood plastic composite materials are widely used in parks, communities, streets, roads, bridges, pavilions, fences, wooden planks, open-air tables and chairs, signs, billboards, grid boards, etc. in public places. Wood plastic composite has attracted wide attention because of its maintenance-free, paint-free, wind-resistant, close to nature and other advantages. It has obvious advantages in waterfront buildings and humid environments.

  1. Decorative building materials such as house floors and inner doors

In recent years, wood plastic composite materials have been used to make outdoor wood plastic floors, sun rooms, and dock guardrails. In terms of decorative materials, they can be used to make floors, moisture-proof walls, home walls, fences, walkways, flower boxes, and various gymnasiums. Decorative materials, hanging panels, roofs, blinds, window frames, mirror frames.

  1. Municipal transportation, etc.

Municipal transportation facilities, such as pavilions, seats, flower pots, trash cans, and shelters, are widely used abroad because of their long life and low prices. In addition, the research and development of automotive interior decoration, composite pipes, railway sleepers, cable protection pipes, and manhole covers have also entered the application testing stage from demonstration. It is believed that the application field of wood plastic products will be further expanded in the near future.

  1. Packaging products such as pallets and boxes

The 200 million pallets in North America are all made of wood, which consumes a lot of wood resources. If wood plastic composite materials replace wood, it will not only be cheap, but also avoid fumigation. Wood plastic composite pallets integrate the advantages of wooden pallets, plastic pallets and steel pallets, and basically eliminate their shortcomings. Wood plastic composite pallets have high density, high strength, no fumigation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, no water absorption, and insect resistance, moisture-proof. Solve the problem of poor cleanliness, easy damage, and short life of wooden pallets. It also avoids the shortcomings of poor rigidity, high price, and small flexibility of all-plastic pallets. Moreover, wood plastic composite pallets can be planed, nailed, and assembled into standard pallets at will , WPC has just begun to be used in the storage industry, mainly for shelves, paving, flooring, beams, etc., and there will be broad market prospects in the future.

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