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Is plastic wood composite flooring better than ordinary pure wood flooring

Plastic wood composite flooring is a very common composite floor now. Although it is not a product of natural material, it is also very healthy and environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, the material used for this kind of floor is made of PE plus a certain amount of wood or bamboo powder. After special mixing, granules can be made, and then these granules can be extruded into plates, which can be used for decoration.

Because this kind of floor has a very cheap and affordable price, it is now widely used in homes, various public environments, or other commercial environments. Its affordable price makes it easy for everyone to use. There will be a financial burden.

Moreover, the plastic wood composite floor has better performance, it is waterproof and moisture-proof. Compared with the log floor, when it is used, it minimizes the impact of the environment on the floor, and there is no deformation. Problems such as decay can give users a good user experience.

This kind of floor also has a very good anti-insect effect. There is no need to worry about termites. Its fire resistance is also very good. It has very good flame resistance. It is also a decorative material recommended by the fire department because of its fire resistance. It has reached B1, which can prevent fire well, and will not produce toxic and harmful substances after burning.

Because it uses composite profiles, plastic wood composite flooring has many different colors that can be made, which can be effectively made into various colors according to the needs of users, and it can also create natural-like textures and patterns. The user's needs can be customized to better meet the decoration style.

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