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Small Coup To Solve Solid Wood Floor Water Ingress

In our homes, we often have the problem of being soaked in the floor by water stains, and sometimes a little bit of water stains will be spilled on. This is not a particularly serious problem for us, but it is because we are not at all Attention can start to cause serious problems with the floor. Especially the solid wood floor is used to pave the entire floor at home. Because it is made of pure natural wood, it has the natural properties of water absorption and deformation. This will cause the solid wood floor to be full and deform, which affects the home’s The entire state of use. Afraid of the solid wood floor being flooded? Teach you 5 small coup to solve solid wood floor water ingress, which are practical and simple.

1. Water in a small area on the floor

The first thing to do when the floor enters water is to dry the water. First, use a dry cloth to wipe off the moisture on the surface of the floor. Then you can choose a practical vacuum cleaner to absorb the water vapor in the splicing gap of the water-soaked floor or use the cold wind of a hair dryer. Come to blow dry; then you can use some heavy objects to press on the small area of the upturned part, after a period of time, the wooden floor will return to normal by itself. If after a period of time, the joints are bulging, but they are too far from the original floor, you can try to wax the floor. The soaked floor after waxing will basically be the same as the original floor. If the color and shape of the floor are still very different from the original shape after waxing, only partial replacement of the floor is required.

2. The floor has serious water ingress

If there is a large area of water soaking, then we can’t deal with it so simply. We should carefully pry up the floor and place it in a ventilated place in the shape of a "well" to dry in the shade, and use the weight generated by the overlap to prevent deformation. In general, solid wood floors of better quality can be used again.

3. Laminate floor soaking in water

Regardless of whether it is a large area of water or a small area of water, it is not recommended to pry up the laminate floor to dry, as it is easy to cause damage to the laminate floor, and it may cause serious consequences that it cannot be used again. It is best to drain the surface water of the floor quickly, then remove the skirting line of the floor, exposing the expansion joints, and use the expansion joints to dissipate the water vapor. However, depending on the amount of water, it usually takes about seven to fifteen days to dry. Products that are better or have not been immersed for a long time can recover on their own. If the product still cannot recover after fifteen days, you should consider replacing it.

4. Add keel, small area soaked solid wood floor

If the water in a small area is found in time, you can clean the ground, pry the board up, dry the wet floor and reinstall it; if the water inflow is a little larger, not only pry up the board at the leaking place, but also follow it. The direction of the keel row will also pry up the opposite board to let the internal circulating air take away the moisture. If you are not sure of the amount of water inflow, it is best to pry up the boards one by one according to the direction of the water inflow, check the humidity, and be foolproof.

5. Prevent floor water ingress

Rescue after the incident is passive after all, and taking precautions is the best choice. At ordinary times, pay more attention to keeping the windows open to prevent rain; often check whether the air conditioner, plumbing pipe, and washing machine are leaking. The current floor wax is mainly used for cleaning and maintenance, and cannot be completely waterproof, so it is very necessary to take precautions.

Friends who have solid wood flooring at home quickly collect the small coup to solve solid wood floor water ingress.

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