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Biomass plastic wood composite material modular house

Modular houses take a room as the basic unit, which has the characteristics of simple construction, reliable connection, environmental protection, low cost, convenient turnover, high prefabrication rate and assembly rate. As a new method of creating management space, it opens a new window for the development of low-carbon buildings.

Plastic wood composite materials have the characteristics of natural wood texture and wood grain, strong water resistance, recyclability, strong flexibility, good processing performance, and colorants can be added. Wood plastic materials have the characteristics of moisture content, rockwell hardness, and static bending strength. Surface wear resistance, screw holding power, mildew resistance, processing performance, construction and installation, environmental performance, and recycling have significant advantages. Therefore, plastic wood composite materials can better serve environmental protection.

After the plastic wood composite material is used to make the material of the house, it can effectively integrate the single characteristics of the original wood plastic composite system, and then integrate the wood plastic composite floor, guardrail, handrail, flower box and other landscapes through the plastic wood composite house to achieve wood The leapfrog development of plastic products from low-end to high-end applications.

However, plastic wood composites have creep defects. When used as structural materials, they will be severely deformed under long-term load. The structure often loses stability in advance due to creep, the bearing capacity drops, or even breaks. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy as a supporting house structure combined with plastic wood composite materials can effectively solve the problem of creep of plastic wood composite materials.

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