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The Real Reason For The Big Price Difference Of Wood Plastic Floor

Wood plastic flooring has the dual characteristics of natural wood texture and plastic material resistance to water and corrosion. With its friendly appearance and outstanding performance, it has swept the building materials market and has become the hottest floor profile for indoor and outdoor decoration in recent years.

With the boom in the wood plastics industry, it is inevitable that there will be black-hearted manufacturers who are only interested in profit. In the mixed wood plastic market, the quality of wood plastic floor is uneven, and the price varies greatly. So what is the real reason for the big price difference of wood plastic flooring?

As a relatively new type of building materials, wood plastic flooring is not fully understood by many people, and the consideration factors when choosing wood plastic flooring are very limited. Driven by low prices and boasted by bad manufacturers, problems such as cracking, deformation, and fading in the project caused by misselection have caused headaches for the relevant persons in charge.

In the case of insufficient experience, test reports and data are an important basis for measuring the quality of wood plastic flooring. Through the test report, we can pay attention to the three major indicators of density, shrinkage, and environmental protection level. The quality of the material formula and the advanced level of the process affect the difference of these three indicators, and also determine the difference in quality and price of wood plastic products.


The density of the material directly determines the strength and impact resistance of the floor. Floors that are not strong enough in scenic parks where the flow of people are concentrated can be cracked and broken, or sunken and bumpy. The dense floor has full internal toughness and has a certain buffer capacity when subjected to heavy pressure and strong impact, which can effectively slow down external forces.


The shrinkage is the elasticity of the wood plastic floor. The greater the shrinkage, the greater the curvature of the profile under the change of the thermal cycle. The shrinkage performance of normal wood plastic flooring is around 3/1000-5/1000. Inferior and inferior wood lastic flooring greater than 5/1000 is prone to expansion and deformation, warping and bending problems outdoors.

Environmental protection grade

Environmental protection is not a necessary condition for wood plastic flooring, but it represents the attitude of a wood plastic manufacturer. The improvement of environmental protection level means the optimization of materials and the complexity of the process, and the cost will increase accordingly. Weak environmental awareness has led wood plastic manufacturers to pursue cost reductions, and consumers have an attitude of irrelevant to this. They don’t know that wood plastic flooring that does not meet environmental protection standards may actually cause chemical pollution, which is harmful to people. In recent years, it is not uncommon for some platforms to fail to meet the standard floor and cause large-scale deaths of fish in river water. For your health, you must pay attention to its environmental protection level when choosing a floor.

The above three reasons are the real reasons for the big price difference of wood plastic flooring. In addition, energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection are the sustainable development strategies advocated by the country, which require joint maintenance by each manufacturer and consumer for future generations. Leave a green for tomorrow.

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