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The Role Of Wood Plastic Fence In Gardens

Wood plastic fence is a wood plastic fence component and wood plastic fence decoration that can be seen everywhere in modern gardens. They are often surrounded by wood plastic fences around the base, on both sides of the steps, on both sides of the stairs, between columns, pavilions, water pavilions, pool banks, small bridges, etc. Wood plastic fences usually have functions such as safety protection. There are many forms of wood plastic fences, and some are highly decorative.

The role of wood plastic fence in gardens.

1. In the planning and design of the garden landscape, wood plastic fences play a separate and guiding role in the landscape green space, so that the boundary of the landscape green space is clear; the well-designed wood plastic fence has a strong decorative and beautifying significance. It's like the lace of clothes. The guardrail is not the most important composition of the garden landscape, but it is a large-scale, long-directional architectural decoration sketch, which has a great influence on the composition and scenery of the garden, and it must be carefully considered to shine. As Li Yu said: "The system of window grids is changing with each passing day, all from the method of formation. Rotten grass turns into fireflies, which is real and reasonable. In this way, creation and life are not in vain."

2. The lower wood plastic fence will prevent stepping and sitting and lying, so the appearance of the fence will be wavy or diamond; as long as the shape is good and the structure is firm, the distance between the poles is no big or small. Unsightly, cost-saving, and easy to maintain; the clearance of the middle-height guardrail should not exceed 14 cm. The beauty of the composition is the key in places that are not impervious to penetration, but this is not suitable for dangerous and aerial places. This is the safety of children. In addition, medium-height guardrails should have handrails, and it is a pleasure to lean on the railing and look into the distance. Guardrails with a height of more than 1.6 meters should be anti-climbing, so there should be no crossbars that are easy to step on.

3. The form and virtual reality of wood plastic fence are closely related to the environment and composition requirements of the wood plastic fence. It is advisable to set up more empty wood plastic fences near the water to avoid excessive obstruction of the line of sight, so as to watch the reflection of waves, fish, birds and aquatic plants. There are many real wood plastic fences built on high platforms. When visitors board and overlook, the real wood plastic fence can give people a greater sense of security.

When designing and constructing wood plastic fence, pay attention to the following two points:

First is the control of the size of wood plastic fence. In particular, the wood plastic fence is more closely related to the group scenery in the small space of the garden, and the wood plastic fence should not be taken lightly when designing the wood plastic fence.

Second, if a small-space garden can be equipped with a small-scale wood plastic fence, the wood plastic fence can make people feel the spaciousness of the space through the contrast effect. Although it is in a small room, it does not feel cramped.

The above is the role of wood plastic fence in the gardens. Wood plastic fence has many characteristics that other types of fences do not have. For example, the material is natural and simple, and the structure is firm and maintenance-free. Of course, wood plastic materials have many other unknown characteristics and uses, waiting for you and me to discover.

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