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Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Is The Highest Quality Material In Outdoor Garden Landscape Construction

Co-extrusion wood plastic is the highest quality material in outdoor garden landscape construction. Why is there such a conclusion? In recent years, European and American countries have been widely used in outdoor garden landscape construction due to the high weather resistance of co-extruded wood plastic products. Such as plank road floors, guardrails, exterior wall panels, wood plastic doors and windows, templates, etc., especially co-extruded wood plastic products have become the mainstream trend in garden landscape construction because of their fastness, high weather resistance, and strong wooden texture.

Internationally, wood plastic products are classified as "low maintenance" products, and co-extruded wood plastic products are classified as "ultra-low maintenance" products. The reason is that co-extruded wood plastic products have better surface treatment, stronger weather resistance, high surface hardness, not easy to scratch, and extremely low water absorption, which overcomes the frequent breakage of wood plastic products such as PE, PP, PS and wood plastic in outdoor applications. A series of problems and shortcomings such as bending, thermal expansion and contraction, deformation and cracking. Fading, mildew, surface cracks and chipping are the fatal defects of wood plastic products. Many companies have encountered complaints and returns related to this. The use of common PE and PVC co-extrusion methods to seal the core material can basically overcome these problems, but it cannot really solve the problems of fading and high weather resistance.

Shanghai Seven Trust co-extrusion wood plastic products adopt the most advanced dual-machine co-extrusion technology in the world, and a layer of ASA polymer material is co-extruded outside the PVC wood plastic core to achieve surface coating. Vividly speaking, ASA is WPC wood plastic wear. A layer of WPC is added to greatly improve the weather resistance and aging resistance of the material. It fundamentally solves the defects of wood plastic products, and is currently the world's only non-fading outdoor composite material, which greatly improves the service life of wood plastic products.

1. ASA is an amorphous terpolymer and does not contain double bonds, so it has strong resistance to ultraviolet rays. The carbonyl and nitrile groups in the macromolecular chain have strong UV resistance, while the benzene ring is a typical stable structure, and it is difficult for photochemical reactions to occur. Therefore, ASA has strong UV resistance. The color is stable, does not fade, and has excellent weather resistance.

2. Due to the introduction of acrylic rubber in the ASA structure, the copolymer has excellent impact resistance, especially excellent low-temperature impact resistance, which greatly improves the rigidity and strength of the material.

3. As the ASA structure contains nitrile groups, it has strong chemical resistance. ASA has good thermal stability during processing, and the thermal change temperature can reach 92°C or more.

4. As the solubility of ASA and PVC are similar, they have good compatibility and no delamination. Therefore, the color is richer and the wood texture effect is better.

5. PVC wood plastic core uses micro-foaming technology and polyester fiber technology, the density is above 0.9, and high-fiber reinforcement materials are added to make it more compatible, rigidity and impact resistance are greatly improved, and comprehensive physical and chemical properties are added. The performance is greatly improved, the expansion rate is very small, no water absorption, no heavy metal elements, no formaldehyde, constant bending, flame retardant, anti-termite, and environmental protection.

The main products of co-extrusion wood plastic are outdoor ASA co-extrusion and pvc co-extrusion wood plastic. There are plank road floor series, guardrail series, and exterior wall panel series products, which are widely used in gardens, water platforms, swimming pools, villas and hotels. Well received and loved by customers at home and abroad.

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