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Several Laying Methods Of Wood Plastic Floor

Although there is a saying that wood plastic flooring is easy to install, I have to remind consumers of several rules that consumers should follow when installing indoor wood plastic flooring, so that everyone can easily decorate their rooms while also gaining some small decoration experience.

Several laying methods of wood plastic floor

1. Wood plastic flooring usually starts from the entrance of the room to be laid into the room or from one wall to the other wall.

2. Before laying the wood plastic floor, inspect and repair the floor of the room where the floor is to be laid. Although the wood plastic floor is waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, Seven Trust recommends that residents living on the first floor should learn more about the moisture regain of the ground in the four seasons. If the regain is severe, be sure to apply a layer of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil first.

3. In order to make the floor beautiful, we must plan and design the central axis before laying the wood plastic floor. The central axis is the baseline for laying the floor. Especially when several rooms are laid in the same unit at the same time, the planning and design of the central axis is more important. For specific methods, please consult the on-site master.

4. The wood plastic floor blocks to be laid should be sorted carefully according to the quality and the depth of the color. If the quality is good and the color is consistent, try to spread it in the center and conspicuous place of the house. Usually the on-site master will tell you verbally.

5. The starting point for laying wood plastic floor blocks must be very regular, stable and strong. The starting point is to glue the floor whether it is a tongue-and-groove floor or a flat floor.

6. When laying wood plastic floor blocks, the four adjacent edges and four adjacent corners of each board must be parallel and perpendicular to each other, and there can be no error, because the error will increase with the expansion of the laying area.

7. Pay special attention to the vertical and horizontal directions of the floorboard texture during laying to avoid the aesthetic impact caused by improper laying.

After mastering the several laying methods of wood plastic floor, we should also pay attention to maintaining and taking care of these floors in our daily life, because caring for the floor can increase the service life of the floor.

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