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The Benefits Of Anti-static Wood Plastic Flooring

I don’t know if my friends have noticed that when cleaning the house, they will find that the wood plastic floor feels unclean. On the one hand, it may affect your mood. I don't know if you feel this way. The traditional wood plastic floor is very good, after so many years, it is still the same as the new one, but it is easy to get dust. Not choosing anti-static wood plastic flooring may cause cleaning difficulties.

What are the benefits of anti-static wood plastic flooring? Anti-static floor general its color wood plastic mixing and matching in order to create a unique combination of design and color, pleasing. Thanks to the unique extrusion process, the creativity can truly uniform and consistent color. Year after year, it still looks like new. You don't have to take the time to do.

Compared with the traditional wood plastic floor, anti-static floor real wood plastic nature, green environmental protection, do not need to besmear to brush paint, also does not decay or by termites bite bite, installation is simple. Anti-static wood plastic floor and called the dissipation of electrostatic wood plastic floor, lower when it grounding or connection to any potential point, enables charge dissipation, with resistance in 5 of 10 square of 9 to 10 square between ohm.

The benefits of anti-static wood plastic flooring

1. Protect home appliances

Everyone knows that the human body has static electricity, and it will generate static electricity during the walking process. Now there are so many electronic products in the home, when the static electricity reaches a certain amount, it will cause damage to home appliances. The use of anti-static floor can lead the generated static electricity into the earth, which can protect home appliances.

2. Beautiful and generous

Because there is a certain distance between the anti-static floor and the ground, the wires of the electronic equipment can be hidden. This design can hide and beautify the wires in the home.

3. Safe and secure

The anti-static floor is non-conductive, and resistant to high temperature and heat. If there is an accident in the home such as leakage or fire, it can reduce the speed of transmission, so as to provide more time for everyone to escape.

Now everyone should understand the benefits of anti-static wood plastic flooring. If you like it, hurry up and buy it.

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