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Wood Plastic Fencing Installation Experience

Fences are crucial investments for any property. Schools, residence areas, swimming pools, and farmlands need fencing for reasons such as privacy, security, safety, and beautification. It gives the landowners a sense of security that strangers cannot peep and intrude in their space whenever.

Not only do fences minimize the chances of any property getting trespassed and damaged by unwanted visitors, but fences also make a residential property more marketable. The added value to a property because of fencing depends on the type of material you use. A family looking for a place to settle down for long will most likely look for a space with privacy where they feel secure. A child and a pet-friendly location are ideal if your target market is families. Privacy fences that match the look of the house can make it more inviting.

Fences can also be utilized to emphasize the beauty of the structures around a property, such as ponds, flower gardens, and fountains. It can be considered the finishing touch to the house’s landscape. A well-thought-out fence can frame any structure to enhance its beauty, therefore making it look more attractive.So today I will share with you the wood plastic fencing installation experience.

1. When fixing the wood plastic column, it is generally not recommended to embed it directly in the concrete. A galvanized square pipe slightly smaller than the diameter of the wood plastic column 1-2 mm can be used to weld the steel plate into an inverted T shape, and then fix it with expansion bolts. On the concrete floor; then the wood plastic column is sleeved; in addition, the waist of the wood plastic column can be rotated and penetrated to the lined steel pipe with a self-drilling screw to ensure stability; the spacing between the conventional wood plastic column (guardrail span) The distance) should be around 1.5 meters, and try not to exceed 2 meters to avoid potential safety hazards due to excessively large spans.

2. When inserting the handrails with the injection molding connector, use an extended bit to avoid the drill bit rotating bumps or damaging the injection molded parts when the connector is installed; the distance between wood plastic handrails is generally controlled at about 0.8 meters.

3. When connecting small square pillars with injection molded internal parts, make sure that the wood plastic small square pillars are in a horizontal straight line, otherwise it will reflect the overall beauty of the wood plastic fence; the spacing of the wood plastic small square pillars is generally controlled at 0.2 meters Within.

4. When making connections between any wood plastic profiles, a gap of 2 mm must be reserved for the material to expand or contract when exposed to heat.

I will share the wood plastic fencing installation experience here, and we will remind you of the precautions for installing the wood plastic fence: the water absorption rate of wood plastic material is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%. Therefore, when installing wood plastic fence, between the wood plastic profiles A certain expansion joint should be reserved according to the actual situation for the possible thermal expansion and contraction of the material.

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