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What Is The Difference Between Wood Plastic Board And Density Plate

Wood plastic board and density plate are commonly used boards in our lives, so what is the difference between wood plastic board and density plate?

Wood plastic composite materials (Wood Plastic Composites, WPC) is a new type of composite materials at home and abroad in recent years, the booming, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride resin adhesive, instead of the usually more than 35%-70%, rice husk and wood powder, straw, waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, then by extrusion molding injection molding, plastic processing, production of plates or sections. Mainly used for building materials, furniture, logistics, packaging and other industries. The plastic and wood powder plate by hot extrusion mixed at a certain ratio, called wood plastic extrusion composite plate.Wood plastic composite material containing plastic, so it has better elastic modulus, good rigidity and toughness, able to nail, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, paint, and not easy to deformation, anti cracking. In addition, because the embedded fibers and plastics are fully mixed, and thus has considerable compressive bending hardwood. The physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is better than ordinary wood materials. The surface hardness is high, usually of wood 2 - 5 times, is the furniture industry, interior decoration industry, packaging industry, travel industry and future interior wooden houses construction industry preferred green environmental protection board, will set off a new revolution in the plate market.

The density fiberboard is also known as the board, wood fiber or other plant fiber as material, applying urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive made of man-made plate. According to the amount of different, divided into high density board, MDF, MDF. Low density board as soft impact resistance, easy processing. Abroad is a good material for making furniture.

Advantages of wood plastic board

1. Waterproof and moisture proof, which can solve the problem that the wood products are easy to rot and swell in the moist and multi water environmen.

2. Pest control, termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, prolong the service life.

3. Colorful, many colors to choose from, both natural wood and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the desired color.

4. Strong plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully reflect the personality style.

5. High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, can be recycled. The product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content is 0.2, below the EO standard, environmental standards for the European classification, significant savings can be recycled wood use, suitable for the policy of sustainable development, for the benefit of society.

6. High anti water. Effective flame retardant, fireproof grade B1, fire extinguishing, no poisonous gas.

7. The workability is good, can be set, can be planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted.

8. The installation is simple, the construction is convenient, do not need complex construction technology, saving installation time and cost.

9. No crack, no swelling, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy cleaning, maintenance and save maintenance costs.

10. Good sound-absorbing effect, good energy saving, make indoor such as high as 30%.

Advantages of density plate

1. Density plate is cheap (compared to wood).

2. Density board easy to finish processing, all kinds of paint, surface coating can be uniformly coated on the MDF, do paint effect first substrate.

3. The surface thickness of 3 uniform density board, no ups and downs, suitable for the film to change the appearance of a variety of melamine board, veneer, decorative panels, light metal sheet, adhesive tape film can glue on the MDF surface.

4. Excellent physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problems.

5. Hard density board by punching, drilling, but also can be made into sound-absorbing panels, used in the decoration of the building works.

6. Density plate surface smooth, fine texture, stable performance, easy to shape, solid edge, avoid rot, insect problems.

7. were superior in anti bending strength and impact strength of hand and particleboard, excellent decorative plate surface, than solid wood furniture appearance dominates.

I have learned what is the difference between wood plastic board and density plate, and friends who like it can collect it.

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