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Wood plastic composite floor installation

Wood plastic composite floor belongs to the composite environmental protection floor. It has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics. What matters should be paid attention to in the installation of wood plastic composite floor? Because of the unique characteristics of wood plastic composite flooring, more care must be taken during the entire installation process to prevent negative impacts during the construction period. There are two key points when installing wood plastic composite flooring:

1. Before installing the wood plastic composite floor: install the wood plastic composite floor from the perspective of technical expertise. Before the installation work, make sure that the wood plastic composite floor is sufficiently dry, tidy and level. The excellent condition can finally ensure the actual installation. The effect can also better reflect the smooth development of the installation work, and does not harm the application in the middle and late stages; the installed gadgets should be prepared in advance in time. The frequently used hand drills and carpenter’s gadgets, and the rubber gloves for labor protection supplies should also be made in advance. Preparation, that is, more screws of stainless steel plate, etc., hand drill is an indispensable small tool for the installation of wood plastic composite floor; due to the greater ductility of the materials of wood plastic composite floor, it is carried out between the wood floor and the main keel. When fixing it, it’s best to use a hand drill to drill holes first, and then use stainless steel screws to fix the two. The key to the hole is to prevent damage to the wood plastic composite floor.

2. The whole process of installing wood plastic composite floor: first fix the main keel in the wood plastic composite floor, spread the main keel neatly on the concrete floor, and ensure that the sorting is evenly balanced. The interval between each main keel is at least 30cm , use a hand electric drill to carry out the lead hole. The diameter of the lead hole should not be lower than the diameter of the screw. The screw can be fixed to the main keel after the screw is screwed into the lead hole. The fixed concrete floor is fixed with stainless steel plate screws , The screws must be completely screwed into the main keel of the wood plastic composite floor, and must not be exposed to the outside, causing the wood plastic composite floor to appear uneven; all wood floors are designed with male and female grooves on the upper and lower sides, and install before fixing the first wooden floor, saw off the male grooves on both sides of the first wooden floor, then use a hand drill to carry out lead holes on the surface, and use stainless steel screws to fix the wood plastic composite floor on the main keel; for the second floor installation, immediately fix the male and female slot cards in place, and punch holes in the surface to fix them, and the spacing between the screws is controlled by the installation staff, not tight, but the firmness must be ensured. The future installation of wood plastic composite floor means that the male and female grooves are locked together and then fixed with screws.

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