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The Difference Between Wood Plastic PE And PVC

Since the concept of wood plastic and products have been into the domestic market, is also refreshing, and favored by some businesses and consumers, with some wood plastic products appeared in the building materials market.

Main material of wood plastic are divided into domestic wood plastic PE and PVC wood plastic two categories.So what is the difference between wood plastic PE and PVC?

PE is the main outdoor landscape construction on wood plastic products, such as guardrail, floor, trash can, lotus pond, tray, and so on.PVC wood plastic products mainly some indoor decorative materials, such as door, floor, the line that play a base, door cover, and so on.

Manufacturing wood plastics PE material is mainly secondary and tertiary PE recycled materials it powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier.Manufacturing PVC wood plastics material is mainly PVC powder, PVC recycled materials, wood powder, stone powder and so on.

Wood plastics (PVC, PE between Panel) the preparation of products mainly adopt cold method, so that each process is roughly similar to that of finished product material cost control is the content of the filling material, so the price also is almost the same basic.The preparation of PVC wood plastic products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold method and three roller pressing, vacuum forming is mostly low foaming products, and low foamed wood plastic product cost control difference is very big, and the quality of the products (refers to the rigidity and toughness and tensile strength) difference is big, but most of the material costs in 5000-6000 (RMB) per ton, between modification technology such as a good material costs about 4000 yuan can also do.To make three roll wood plastics dalle similar PVC low chip off board, wood plastic sheet on the market at present but rarely is wood plastic, is the beige of PVC low foaming products make it, for these manufacturers there may be some technical barriers, or purely for copycat hype wood plastics concept, like hype nano concept.

Wood plastic product development and production as far as I am, the first is PE wood plastic products, the advantages and disadvantages of it are:

1.PE wood plastics material for waterproof and anticorrosion is very good;

2.PE antioxidant and light resistance is poor, is to join the antioxidant and UV absorber effect is not ideal;

3.The thermal bending deformation, but the thickening or porous hollow structure effect is better;

4.A single product surface color, feels no textile, beautiful effect is poorer.PE wood plastics material nature of these characteristics, I think in the tray, building templates, container plate and some other not long-term exposure situations and not require visual aesthetic feeling of the place is more suitable for the development and utilization;
Secondly the low into nature of PVC wood plastic products, processing, surface decoration, and other various performance superiority of PE is taught wood plastics is superior, mainly displays in:

  • PVC wood plastic products (Washroom PVC Panel) can be made from new or old material, while the use of new materials in PE cost is too high, the product can't go into the market), modified more easily, also fill the quantity depends on the quality of the product;
  • Can be made low foamed PVC wood plastic products, such costs are lower, adopts the co-extrusion method (more than double co-extrusion or steel-plastic co-extrusion), intensity and wood grain feeling good;
  • PVC secondary processing and varied surface ornamentation including UV paint, or paint product is beautiful and good color fastness;
  • PVC wood also superior waterproof and anticorrosion.

PVC wood plastic (PVC between Tiles) material of wood plastic products in interior decoration materials (such as floor, the line that play a base, decoration, door and door cover line, etc.), furniture, decorative plate with boards (such as furniture, etc.), building decoration materials (such as exterior wall hangs Taiwan, sound insulation board, wall board, etc.), the botanical garden decoration materials (such as guardrail) with wood plastic and wood may be a promising direction of development, of course, the current domestic plastic industry products contain heavy metals, harmful material such as volatile and transference of content is not qualified standard (hope that relevant departments could come as early as possible environmental protection product standards), unlike have to strictly limit the content of export products, but as the industry colleagues as far as possible the use of environmentally friendly additives that even a contribution to society!

Wood plastic material has a better category -- ABS wood plastic, ABS wood plastic products easy processing, good strength, can also do wood grain effect, beautiful and durable.

The difference between PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic, I will introduce here for the time being, I hope it will be helpful for you to understand wood plastic materials. If you want to know more wood plastic knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website.

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