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Continuous improvement of PVC yacht floor

At present, various types of process formulas are emerging in endlessly, until the emergence of PVC materials, and the continuous improvement of technology, gradually changing people's lives. Wood plastic composite materials have great expansibility and diversified development space. Most of the patented technologies are very low. Why do the prices of composite flooring vary greatly? So if you want to lower the price of flooring, product differentiation, if not matching , It will cause deformation, and the surface layer will be made of high-quality hardwood slats.

The edge of the yacht floor is easy to warp. It is best to choose products with good brands and good reputations in the market. This method helps avoid cracking or splitting at the ends of the cork strips. Choose PVC floor, pollution-free, with natural texture, comfortable feet, and safe to use. And the parquet is easy to install.

The average value of water absorption thickness expansion rate and dimensional stability of PVC floor meets the standard requirements. Plastic wood floor surface scratch resistance, impact resistance, surface abrasion resistance, heat and cold resistance, cigarette burn resistance, dry heat resistance, pollution resistance, water vapor resistance, surface crack resistance.

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