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Plastic wood composite grille ceiling is more cost-effective than log ceiling

The plastic wood composite grid ceiling is a new type of material that has only emerged in recent years. It is a composite product composed of plant fibers and plastic molecules. The appearance of plastic wood composite grid ceilings has gradually replaced the traditional log ceilings. Compared with the two, the advantages of the two are obvious. The plastic wood composite grid ceilings are more cost-effective than log ceilings.
The material of the plastic wood composite grille ceiling is healthy and environmentally friendly, which is in line with people's needs, and the design is relatively new. It can be matched according to the user's architectural style. The decorative effect is very obvious, whether it is indoor or outdoor. It can be used, and its visual effect gives a natural atmosphere. Therefore, in the garden landscape, some hotel parks, large conference rooms and personal interior decoration, plastic wood composite grille ceilings will be chosen, which also looks very classy.
In addition, the surface of the plastic wood composite grille ceiling is smooth and delicate, with a texture of a log. When decorating the design, it can be painted with different paints according to the needs. Due to the special material, there is no need to worry about cracks and diagonal lines due to drying, no worry about rot due to moisture or damage by moths, nor does it require regular maintenance like log ceilings.
The service life is also much longer than that of the log ceiling. Combined with its high strength and recyclable energy characteristics, the plastic wood composite grille ceiling meets the current health needs of people, and also meets the current pursuit of product personality trends. Therefore, it can be said that the characteristics of the plastic wood composite grid ceiling are unattainable by other similar products.

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