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Reasons for choosing PVC yacht teak flooring

Teak is known as the "King of Ten Thousand Woods". It is recognized as the best wood for flooring in the world. It is also the only board that will not bend and crack under seawater erosion and sun exposure. Teak has always been the material of choice for luxury cruise ships and high-end yachts all over the world.

The color of the teak floor board is oxidized by photosynthesis to become golden yellow, and the color becomes more beautiful with the extension of time, which is different from the general solid wood floor, which is long and old.

Adequate sunlight and adequate photosynthesis are the keys to ensuring the uniform and natural color of teak flooring. After the teak is sun-dried, the floor color is fuller, the three-dimensional color is obvious, the color is stable, the layering is strong, the overall paving effect is brilliance, and it is UV resistant and not easy to fade.

Teak is very particular about sun exposure. On the one hand, the teak must be watered during the sun exposure. On the other hand, the sun exposure time must be properly controlled. There is no fixed number for how many days are appropriate, because the daily sun exposure coefficient is different. There is a huge difference between winter and summer. When the teak floor is sunny, the sun is generally 10-15 days in spring and summer, and the sun is generally 20-30 days in autumn and winter.

Insufficient exposure, time cost, product defect rate increased, and the cost increased accordingly; insufficient exposure, although cost savings, but the color of the board surface is not uniform, the oxidation is not in place, the product does not have a natural round effect, and the product quality is also good The drop.

What are the advantages of teak flooring?
1. Teak flooring is rich in oil and iron, which can prevent moisture and various mosquitoes, especially corrosion, and can even reach a thousand years of corrosion. Generally, large and old buildings are decorated with teak wood.
2. Excellent stability, stable micro-pinhole structure, after professional drying treatment, the teak solid wood floor has both strength and toughness.
3. The color is classic and generous, golden brown to dark brown, the color is very decorative, the ink line is soft, the oil shadow is colorful, and the texture is elegant.
4. Teak wood has a unique mellow fragrance, which not only prevents snakes, rats and mosquitoes, but also relaxes people's nerves and helps sleep.
5. The teak floor feels comfortable to the feet, highly elastic, and will last forever. The brighter the color, it is the best among yacht floors.

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