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How to judge the water content of PVC yacht teak flooring

What does floor moisture content mean? The humidity and temperature of various regions in nature are relatively stable in different seasons. When wood is exposed to such a relative temperature and humidity environment for a long time, the moisture content will reach a relatively constant. The moisture content at this time is called the equilibrium moisture content.

What are the classifications of the moisture content of teak flooring? Moisture content of the floor material: the percentage of the weight of the moisture content in the floor material to the weight of the floor material after being completely dried. Floor material balance moisture content: The final moisture absorption or desorption stable moisture content of the floor material under a certain air condition is called the equilibrium moisture content of the floor material (the stable moisture state of the floor material).

How to preliminarily judge the moisture content of the floor? Look at the weight, after the wood is naturally air-dried, it is naturally lighter than the wood with more water. According to the touch, the floor that doesn't feel cold when you touch the floor with your hand is the relatively dry floor. Knuckles knocked, the sound is crisp, it means that it is relatively dry, and the wet sound is relatively dull. Listening to the sound of carpenter planing, the planing sound is crisp, the planed wood is smooth, and the shavings are hot, indicating that it is dry, otherwise it is wet. Pinch a handful of sawdust to see if it is dry.

How to test the moisture content? Since the moisture content of the floor is so important, how should it be tested? If you rely on your own naked eyes, there is definitely no way to test the moisture content of the floor. After the floor is made, its appearance is relatively fixed, so if you want to test the moisture content of the floor, you must rely on a special tester. Generally speaking, many sales locations have moisture content testers, and consumers can request the seller to conduct on-site measurements. Different regions have different water content standards to adapt to environmental differences. What happens if the moisture content is unqualified? If the moisture content of the floor is inconsistent with the local average moisture content, it is easy to cause problems such as deformation, moisture, and even expansion of the wooden floor, which will affect the service life of the wooden floor. When the moisture content of the floor material is higher than the equilibrium moisture content, the floor material will shrink and absorb moisture, otherwise it will expand.

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