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Why can wood plastic composite decking stand out in the building materials market

Why can wood plastic composite decking stand out in the building materials market?

Nowadays, various materials have appeared in the building materials market. Compared with the solemnity of stone and the coldness of metal, wood feels calmer and more stable, and it feels close to nature. However, because the wood is not stable enough, it is greatly affected by the environment, and is prone to problems such as warping and deformation. People prefer wood plastic composite materials that look similar to solid wood but are more practical than solid wood. As the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, resource recycling has become the trend of world economic development. Shanghai Seven Trust produced this recyclable ecological wood plastic composite decking. This new darling of low-carbon environmental protection is gradually entering people's lives.

WPC decking is widely used, so is WPC decking easy to use? What is the advantage over solid wood decking? Which brand of wood plastic composite decking will be better?

1. Advantages of wood plastic composite decking
Rich colors
The wood plastic composite decking has a variety of colors, and the wood grain lacquer is naturally produced. It can provide a variety of color options and is highly plastic.

Natural appearance
Although the wood texture of the antiseptic wood is preserved after the antiseptic medicine is soaked, it loses the color of the natural wood, and the base color has also changed a lot, lacking the original vitality and natural feeling. The wood plastic composite decking can provide the same visual effect as the log decking, and the texture and touch are also very comfortable. After years of technical research, Shanghai Seven Trust has produced wood plastic composite decking without processing to obtain a natural wooden appearance, which perfectly matches the outdoor environment, providing users with natural and real comfort.

Waterproof and moisture-proof
Another big advantage of wood plastic composite decking is that it has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, even if it is used in a humid environment, there is no problem, and there is no need to worry about moisture or rot during use.

Due to the complex and changeable outdoor environment, many woods have a short service life, but wood plastic composite decking has the function of preventing insects, which can effectively extend the service life of the decking.

Good environmental protection
Many people prefer wood furniture, but most of them use solid wood as materials, which cannot be recycled. The use of wood is wasteful, and harmful substances are easily generated during secondary processing. But wood plastic composite decking does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, which is very environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Wide application range and simple installation
Because wood plastic composite decking has both the water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastic and the texture of wood, it has become the preferred material for outdoor building materials. It is widely used in gardens, terraces, balconies and other places, and is especially suitable for water environments, humid environments, and outdoor environment, etc. The installation process is also very simple and quick. Anyone can assemble and splice decking and truly realize the customer's DIY dream.

2. Which brand of wood plastic composite decking generally choose?

Shanghai Seven Trust is an enterprise focusing on the scientific research, production, sales and service of wood plastic composite materials. The company is committed to the efficient and high-quality utilization of environmentally friendly materials, and strives to create a low-carbon material recycling industry economy that integrates "recycling, high quality and ecology" .

The wood plastic composite decking developed by the company is original ecological wood, outdoor high temperature resistance, high steel and high strength, anti-creep and anti-warping, low shrinkage and low deformation, flame retardant and smoke suppression, low carbon and energy saving, green and environmental protection, and is widely used in various buildings Engineering, garden landscape, interior decoration, industrial products and many other industries and fields.

When you choose Shanghai Seven Trust decking, you choose real environmental protection! The production of Shanghai Seven Trust wpc decking does not require cutting down a large number of trees, and Shanghai Seven Trust wpc decking does not need to use chemicals such as preservatives and wood wax oil for daily maintenance during use. This can also prevent these chemicals from affecting water sources and destruction of soil.

Wood plastic composite decking manufacturers emerge in endlessly. However, it is not easy to choose practical products in the mixed wood plastic composite market. When buying, you must keep your eyes open and find a professional company to purchase, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

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