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Installation of wood plastic composite wallboard

Nowadays, when decorating the room, most of them no longer blindly choose whitewashing walls, but prefer to decorate with various styles and colorful wall panels. For example, the application of wood plastic composite wall panels in life is more extensively, it not only changes the previous decoration style, but also does not have to worry about the dirt on the wall being difficult to remove.

For the installation of this type of product, there is no need to overly complex technology, which effectively saves operating time and cost. At the same time, its machinability is very good. For example, ordering, planing, sawing, drilling, etc. can be easily achieved, and its sound absorption the effect is good, the energy-saving performance is good, and the indoor energy saving is as high as 30%.

Before starting construction, first check the model and size of the product, and whether there is damage to the surface, and then prepare the relevant tools for installation, and then drill holes with an electric drill according to the installation diagram, and then install the wood plastic composite keel on the ground and use self-tapping fix it with screws to make it consistent with the surface of the wood plastic composite wallboard. Finally, at the beginning and end of laying, fix the wood plastic composite wallboard and the keel with screws, and use the plastic buckle at the junction of the other wood plastic composite wallboard and the keel. Check whether it is firmly connected.

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