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Factors that determine the quality of high-end PVC yacht teak flooring

1. Texture
Common wood textures can be divided into seven types: straight grain, mountain grain, ink line pattern and leopard shadow pattern. The clear and beautiful texture is not only the main display of the appearance characteristics of wood such as light luxury and classic, but also the guarantee of the quality of wood products. The high-grade PVC yacht teak floor itself has a clear texture, straight and delicate, with very obvious ink lines or markings, and it has a special feeling at first glance.

2. Color difference
The teak wood used in high-grade PVC yacht teak flooring is usually old teak wood. The roots and trunks of this old teak wood have different natural colors. They are generally divided into red color, yellow color and blue color. There are three colors, and the floor is made of natural old teak wood. The manufacturer can distinguish the color scale well and control the overall color, so there is basically no color difference. And if the manufacturer buys the wood in the blank market, the color code can not be distinguished, which makes the floor color difference large, which affects the overall visual effect and quality.

3. Artificial oxidation
High-end PVC yacht teak flooring requires artificial oxidation during the production and processing. It needs to be sprinkled and exposed to natural light to improve its quality. Non-professional teak processing factories cannot provide enough manpower. Artificial oxidation with the space, the quality of the exposure board is difficult to guarantee, not only affects the quality of the floor, but also makes the surface color dull and dark.

4. Naturally dry
Before making the floor, the teak needs to be dried in the open air. For convenience and speed, the ordinary floor processing factories will basically boil and dry at high temperature, but this will destroy the precious oil in the teak and make the oil content Very low, not much different from ordinary solid wood, which greatly affects the quality. Therefore, the drying method in the production process is an important reason for determining the grade of PVC yacht teak flooring.

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