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Is it possible that ceramic tiles will be replaced by PVC yacht teak flooring

In the past, it was very troublesome to use teak flooring for maintenance, but now it is a past tense. The current solid wood teak flooring has a great improvement in wear resistance, and its wear resistance has gone up in the later period. Maintenance is much more convenient, while the tiles are different. The black fronts that appear over time will be difficult to clean, and they will become darker due to dirt. This not only destroys the beauty, but also affects human health. And it is very troublesome to replace the tiles.

Most people think that teak flooring is too expensive than ceramic tiles, but in fact, the price of good ceramic tiles is almost the same as that of teak flooring. Some ceramic tiles may be more expensive by teak flooring, so at the same price , The tiles are prone to damage during the process of pasting, and the merchants selling tiles do not have free tiles, so they can only find someone to suit them and spend labor costs. But if you use teak furniture flooring, you can save these costs.

The indoor air humidity teak flooring is acceptable. Many people mistakenly believe that teak wood is afraid of rain, and it is easy to arch in tidal weather, while ceramic tiles are not. It is very convenient for you to maintain. However, the fact that teak wood flooring is better than Tiles should be easy to clean. Teak furniture floors are actually just a misunderstanding. Teak wood is used for the deck of ships and can be stored for a long time without decay. It is not afraid of water or moisture. Teak is a kind of good Affinity wood material.

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