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PVC yacht teak flooring needs to be kept clean

Teak flooring is a wooden material that can be laid on the ground. Its performance and tiling have many advantages. Even users will feel warm in winter and cool in summer. However, we walk on the floor all year round, except for mopping the floor. In addition, how should it be maintained? We know that teak flooring is more expensive in the market. If it is not well maintained, it will lead to depreciation and performance.

1.In daily life, you can't directly hit the floor at noon or scratch it with sharp objects. When moving the furniture, you must lift the furniture instead of pulling it. This will only cause scratches on the floor. Use flat shoes to walk indoors with wooden boards instead of high heels.

2.The newly laid floor should be maintained regularly. Waxing must be used, usually once a month, and slowly once a year. Intelligent use of waxing board for maintenance, otherwise it will affect the oiliness of teak itself.

3.The newly installed wood board has an odor. If you want to move in quickly, you need to open more windows to replace the indoor air. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the appropriate indoor adjustment to avoid the floor being too wet and keep the floor dry for a long time.

4.The dirt on the floor is usually the material left by water. It is necessary to wipe off the floating dust. Use a soft cloth dipped in tea or wash water to wipe it. This can quickly remove the dirt and ensure that the luster of the teak floor is not damaged.

5.Before maintenance and waxing, the dust on the teak floor should be removed, and a clean soft cloth should be moistened with wax from the edge of the floor and be uniform.

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