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An element for buying a yacht-PVC yacht teak flooring

When we set foot on a yacht, the first thing we touched is the floor. The floor runs through the entire yacht. The area used is relatively large and has an important impact on the price of the entire yacht. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish the quality of the yacht floor.

Teak is the precious tropical tree species with the highest output value per unit area in the world, and the wood is expensive. Teak is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, bright as new, with beautiful patterns, elegant colors, good stability, and low deformation. It is the best product in the floor. The world's best teak wood land produced in Myanmar. Judging from the texture, teak has obvious ink lines (or blood streaks) and oil spots. The ink lines are distributed in a straight line. The thinner the more, the higher the oil quality and the better the quality.

However, some manufacturers will choose some unskilled teak for profit. It takes 60 years to ensure the texture of teak from growth to maturity, while small teak generally grows less than 30 years, so the fiber is thick, the specific gravity is light, and the oiliness is poor. The texture effect looks like pine, and some looks like paulownia. This kind of teak is less oily, has greater shrinkage, is easy to deform, and is not resistant to corrosion. If you use this kind of teak to make products, although the price is very cheap, the grade is very low, and there are great worries. So when you are buying a yacht, be sure to observe carefully.

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