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The reason of choosing PVC yacht teak flooring as the material

1.heat insulation
Yacht deck is easy to be very hot in the unobstructed heat, while teak deck can be insulated, even if it is exposed to the sea for a long time, it can still maintain a relatively comfortable temperature.

2.Prevent foot fatigue
Human feet walking on metal tends to cause foot fatigue, but not on wood. In addition, teak has good elasticity and comfortable foot feel, which is the best of solid wood flooring.

Teak contains a high content of silicon. Silicon is sandy, so walking on a wet teak deck has a lot of friction to prevent the deck from slipping and slipping.

Ships inevitably rot in the sea salt and seawater erosion, and teak has the distinct advantages of being extremely wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, and acid-base-proof.

5. visual effects
The color is classic, with soft ink lines, colorful oil shadows, and a variety of textures. The elegant and elegant color of teak is very decorative, and the color becomes more and more beautiful with the passage of time.

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