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Wood plastic composite products

Wood plastic composite products have now been widely used in the construction industry, automobile industry, packaging and transportation industry, furniture industry, office supplies, sports facilities and other fields.

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the shortage of nuclear energy has intensified, and plant-filled plastic materials have attracted more and more attention. Because of the characteristics of wood and plastic, wood plastic composite products have many unique properties and are loved by consumers. Wood plastic composite materials are flexible in formula adjustment during the manufacturing process and can adapt to a variety of processing methods, and the final products processed are also diverse.

In terms of product form, it can be designed as a solid rectangular cross-section, or it can be designed as a hollow cross-section to reduce quality and increase strength. The surface can be processed with realistic wood texture and material color, giving users a warm and kind feeling. Or cover a variety of colors of plastic surface layer to increase moisture resistance. Some products can also be dyed, painted and other secondary decorations to further enhance the visual effect.

Wood plastic composite products are increasing every year in the field of architectural decoration, and outdoor decking is growing rapidly. Wooden boards that have been treated with anti-corrosion compression have been outdoor decking materials. Compared with WPC decking, the price is higher. However, this product has low maintenance, reduced cracking and splitting under outdoor use conditions, no pollution and anti-corrosion failure problems caused by the loss of medicament, and has high durability. People gradually discovered the value of wpc board, and now this material is gradually replacing outdoor building materials represented by anticorrosive wood.

I believe that wood plastic composite products will be used in a wider range of fields in the future with the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology.

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