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Pay attention to the installation of wood plastic composite floor in roof garden

Due to the serious destruction of forests by humans and the pollution of the environment, the world is now paying more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection issues. Therefore, wood plastic composite products have emerged as the times require. Wood plastic composite flooring, wood plastic composite fences, wood plastic composite flower stands, etc. In home improvement, parks and landscapes, many roof gardens are now also paved with wood plastic composite flooring, but because of the roof, are there any precautions when installing wood plastic composite flooring?
Pay attention to three aspects, namely: the drainage under the wood plastic composite floor should be unblocked, the wood plastic composite floor should meet the structural requirements, and the original waterproof layer must not be damaged. Generally, the roof has a certain slope. When laying the floor, we can set up a drainage channel based on this slope and ensure that the drainage channel is cleaned after it is set up. At the same time, the roof has a load-bearing range. When choosing profiles for wood plastic composite flooring, it is necessary to choose profiles with higher indicators and lighter weights according to the needs. In addition, the roof is generally waterproofed in advance, so when the floor keel is fixed, expansion screws cannot be directly connected to the roof. Generally speaking, we will make the keel into a frame structure to improve its stability.
Of course, in addition to the above three aspects, you should also pay attention when choosing wood plastic composite flooring, because the roof gardens are all outdoors and are completely exposed to the outside. The relative sunlight exposure is more severe, so a larger dose can be appropriately added to the profile. Anti-ultraviolet agent, which can extend the service life of wood plastic composite floor.

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