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Will plastic wood composite materials be used for decoration?

Will plastic wood composite materials be used for decoration?

In daily life, we can see products made of plastic wood composite materials and plastic steel materials everywhere. They are used in various fields and have a wide range, but their effects are also different. Many friends who want to decorate their homes are choosing home improvement I will hesitate when using materials and I am not sure which one to choose as the decoration material. Today I will briefly explain the difference between plastic wood composite and plastic steel materials.

The common decoration materials are mainly plastic wood composite materials, plastic steel materials and anticorrosive wood materials.

  1. Plastic steel material is a hybrid material with hollow steel core outsourcing plastic. This material is beautiful and generous, comfortable to use, non-toxic, odorless, non-cracking, maintenance-free and other characteristics; due to its own sealing structure design and unique composite material performance, it has strong applicability to the environment, so that it can play its characteristics in cold winter and hot summer . Plastic-steel-wood profiles have a service life of more than 15 years, and they are very popular as outdoor materials for all seasons. In addition, the plastic steel environmental protection wood is several times the load-bearing capacity of any other environmental protection wood or similar environmental protection wood, and it is easy to install, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. The most important thing is that it saves wood and uses waste plastics. China’s environmental protection business has made due responsibilities and contributions, but it also has a small shortcoming, that is, the style is single and there are not many changes.
  2. Plastic wood compositeprofile is a new type of composite material produced by pre-plasticizing bamboo and wood waste using biotechnology and specially configured reaction initiators. Various shapes, no formaldehyde, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable use; the product has natural chemical fiber ingredients, has stronger anti-uv (ultraviolet) performance and better physical properties, and has stronger dimensional stability than wood. No warpage, no cracks, no scars; can be nailed, sawed, planed, glued, and easy to repair; not afraid of insects, can be recycled and reused, also biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. There are many styles, wide application fields, and strong plasticity. It is the most used decoration material in recent years.
  3. In addition to anti-corrosion features, anti-corrosion wood also has three basic functions of anti-termite, fungus and anti-corrosion. Anti-corrosion wood also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong resistance to loss, and at the same time it can inhibit the change of the moisture content of the treated wood, and the wood cracking rarely occurs.
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