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Safe and pollution-free plastic wood composite floor

Safe and pollution-free plastic wood composite floor

Nowadays, many areas have begun to pay attention to the installation and application of plastic wood composite flooring, but many users do not know much about plastic wood composite materials. The following is a brief introduction to the production methods of plastic wood composite materials.

In the production process of plastic wood composite panels, materials such as wood powder and additives must be added. After adding these materials in a certain proportion, the mixing operation process is carried out, and granular materials can be produced through mixing. Then these materials need to be further processed and produced a certain shape of the board, so the method of manufacturing plastic wood composite materials is different from ordinary wood, and the chemical reagents are strictly controlled in the production process of the materials.

When people choose decorative materials, one aspect of concern is that excessive additives added to the materials will affect people's health. The use of plastic wood composite flooring can help people avoid these concerns, because plastic wood composite material is a good environmentally friendly material. During installation and use, it will not affect and burden the surrounding environment. It is also a non-polluting product, these materials can be recycled without waste, and can have a higher utilization rate after being idle.

When making plastic wood composite flooring, benzene and other toxic and harmful chemicals are not added, and the amount of formaldehyde used is also clearly specified. Compared with other decorative materials, the content of formaldehyde added in the production process of plastic wood composite materials is low, so it has almost no impact on the human body and the environment.

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